CBA Access

CBA Access serves as a one-stop shop for CBA Members that want to pull traditional and non-traditional credit reports, scores, and data.

Nonprofit organizations can access consumer reports through exclusive CBA partnerships

Credit reports are powerful tools that organizations can use to assess risk in lending, support clients in building strong credit scores, and to track programmatic and client-level impact.

We currently collaborate with six consumer reporting agencies so that CBA members can access comprehensive credit data:

Note: Permissible purposes vary by bureau.

Services offered by Plaid and NovaCredit have been sunsetted and are no longer available to members. For additional information, please contact

Benefits of CBA Access!

CBA Access Members have the option to utilize both hard inquiry and soft inquiry reports depending on their permissible purpose for accessing the credit reports.


Examples of Eligible Organizations:

  • Nonprofit lenders

  • Financial capability and asset building programs

  • Social Service Providers

  • Nonprofit Credit and Housing Counseling Services

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