CBA Fund is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) intermediary, dedicated to catalyzing and growing the capacity of nonprofits to offer small dollar, credit building consumer loans.



CBA Fund's mission is to expand the capacity of nonprofits to provide safe and affordable small dollar consumer loans (SDLs) and credit building products to low- and moderate-income individuals. CBA Fund seeks to disrupt systems of oppression by actively facilitating equitable lending and credit building in BIPOC communities in a way that does not perpetuate the status quo.

about cba fund

CBA Fund provides loan capital, capacity building grants, and technical assistance to nonprofits, so they can offer safe and affordable small dollar consumer loans in their community.

CBA Fund provides the solution by offering three-prongs of support to eligible nonprofit lenders:

  • Capacity Building Grants: CBA Fund provides small capacity building grants to nonprofits to support the cost associated with starting, expanding, or improving upon a consumer loans program.
  • Loan Capital: CBA Fund lends capital at low rates to nonprofits for the provision of small dollar consumer loans.
  • Technical Assistance: CBA Fund provides individualized support for organizations seeking to implement/improve a consumer loan. In addition, we disseminate best practices, and foster community-building and knowledge sharing among nonprofit consumer lenders through our Lender Roundtable Webinars, toolkits, and other means.
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cba fund requirements

To receive funding from CBA Fund your organization must:

  • Be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, credit union, or Native agency.
  • Currently be a CBA member in good standing or be willing to become one.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use funds for an existing or new consumer loan program.
  • Report loans or are willing to set up to reporting your loans to the major consumer credit bureaus.
  • Have the appropriate state lending license(s) to provide consumer loans as required or prove that your organization is exempt from licensing requirements (please reach out to CBA Fund for more information)
  • Offer loan terms that are affordable, flexible, and conducive to credit building as noted in our Small Dollar Loan Standards

Why does CBA Fund require the lenders they work with to report their loans to the credit reporting agencies?

  • Those with little access to safe and affordable credit often lack credit building opportunities.
  • By reporting your loans to the credit reporting agencies, you will help your borrowers build credit, which will help them secure more affordable financial products, gain access to housing, and encounter fewer barriers.

cba fund staff

cba fund team

"CBA Fund allowed us to enlarge our mission and serve new markets…without it, these critical programs wouldn't exist."

Meagan Jordan

Economic Opportunity Facilitator, New Orleans, at The Fountain Fund

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small dollar loan standards

Many community-based organizations see a need for safe and affordable small dollar consumer loans in their community, but do not have the resources to implement a solution.

Click on the logo to learn more about Small Dollar Loan Standards.

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