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The CBA Training Institute helps financial capability practitioners develop and enhance credit building programming and implementation strategies.

The CBA Training Institute offers a variety of services, tools, and support for different practitioner needs.

Credit is an essential building block for asset building. Without a solid credit score and credit history, it is extremely difficult for individuals and small businesses to qualify for loans to buy a home, a car, start a business or even rent an apartment. Furthermore, the prevalence of predatory and payday lenders creates easy opportunities for individuals to fall into debt and damage their credit, thus hindering their ability to build other assets and financial security. CBA's Training Institute provides comprehensive tools, resources and hands-on training for community builders to help their clients build the credit needed to achieve financial self-sufficiency and build wealth.

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Features of CBA Training Institute

Comprehensive resources for CBA Members about reporting loan data, pulling credit reports and working with clients on credit building. Our learning library includes webinar archives, tipsheets and FAQs.

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Who Can Benefit from the CBA Training Institute?

  • Financial Coaches and Counselors

  • Loan Officers

  • Credit and Housing Counselors

  • Social Service Providers

  • National Networks and Thought Leaders

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