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Help build your clients' credit and your organization's capacity - become a CBA Member today! When you join our growing Credit Building Community, you gain access to online toolkits, learning materials, and a network of over 600 mission-driven organizations to help you start or strengthen programs while keeping up-to-date on credit topics of interest. Whether you offer financial education or lending services, CBA membership is essential to your organizational and professional development.


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Monthly CBA Community Webinars
Access to CBA's Training Institute
Discounted rates: annual CBA Credit Building Symposium, Training Institute courses
Access to funding and capacity-building opportunities through CBA Fund to start (or grow) a consumer loan program
The ability to pull consumer credit reports from up to two of CBA's credit bureau partners*
Technical assistance resources to support programmatic integration of consumer credit reports and scores
Pull consumer credit reports from three or more credit bureaus
Report up to 500 loans to all CBA consumer or commercial credit bureau partners
e-OSCAR® Dispute Management
Report up to 2000 loans to all CBA consumer credit bureaus and commercial bureau partners
INVESTMENT $595/YR $995/YR* $1,695/YR* $2,895/YR** $3,895/YR***

* PLEASE NOTE: Access package prices do NOT include the cost of individual credit reports or credit bureau site visit fees, if applicable. Credit report costs will be billed by CBA's credit bureau partners to CBA members on a monthly basis. CBA has negotiated discounted rates on credit reports from our partners. Typical credit report costs generally range from $2-$9 per report and may depend on volume of reports pulled each month.

** 25% discount for lenders with small portfolios (<50 loans)

*** More than 2000 loans? Contact CBA for Special Pricing

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