CBA-Esusu Rent Reporter

In partnership with Esusu Financial, Inc., CBA supports mission-driven housing providers to develop and implement rent reporting initiatives through the provision of training, technical assistance, and CBA-Esusu Rent Reporter-- a turnkey platform for reporting rental payments to the consumer reporting agencies.

Why offer Rent Reporting?

Unlike homeowners, renters historically have not gotten ‘credit’ on their credit reports for making their monthly housing payments. Renters are seven times more likely to have an unscorable credit history compared to homeowners. Many also have limited opportunities to build credit history, which directly impacts their ability to get and stay ahead in today’s economy.

Reporting rental payments is a proven strategy that offers low-income renters an opportunity to build credit as a financial asset without taking on additional debt. Find out more about the impact that rent reporting has had on the credit scores of affordable housing resident across the country by reading our white paper The Power of Rent Reporting Pilot.

Interested in offering rent reporting to your residents? Review our rent reporting readiness checklist to ensure that your organization is a good fit.

About Esusu: Esusu Financial, Inc. is a social enterprise with a mission of building tools to cultivate financially healthy communities.


Benefits of CBA-Esusu Rent Reporter

No API integration necessary—just the creation of a monthly report in a readable format such as a CSV file. Set up is quick, and we just need a monthly report from you with basic information.

Read our two-pager that explains the basics of the CBA-Esusu Rent Reporter Platform.

Examples of Eligible Organizations

  • Multi-family affordable housing owners and/or operators, including Community Development Corporations
  • Public and Tribal Housing Agencies
  • For-profit housing developers and/or managers building and/or managing affordable and/or public housing
  • Owners of single family rent-to-own units
  • Community Land Trusts
  • Manufactured Housing Communities
  • Student Housing Operators