Nydia Alvarez


Training Institute Senior Specialist, Curriculum Development

Nydia is an accomplished professional with over a decade of experience in Financial Wellness and more than two decades as a faith-based community leader. Holding national certifications as a Financial Health Counselor, Trauma Informed Train the Trainer, and Master Trainer with CBA, Nydia brings a wealth of expertise to her endeavors. She currently supports the implementation of training services offered through the CBA Training Institute via credit training, curriculum development, content creation, and cohort management. In her previous role as a Program Manager for the largest provider of Financial Wellness services in South Florida, she showcased her passion for training and professional development, effectively setting strategic goals for her team and translating them into actionable objectives. Nydia's dedication extended to 2Gen programming, where she collaborated in the creation of age-appropriate financial education for children and youth. Firmly believing in the transformative power of turning visions into reality, Nydia is committed to creating a brighter future for all through financial education and empowerment, aiming to contribute to building a more prosperous and equitable society.

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